"Reel" World Food For Thought

What’s more important, the speed at which the operators mow, or the quality of the surface that results from the cut? As well, which is more important, how quickly a reel is ground, or the quality of the resulting grind?

When mowing speeds are too fast for the applications they were designed for, the effective clip rates may not meet the “aftercut” expectations. Most likely you would instruct your operator to slow down.

The same analogy can be drawn to the grinding process. Should you really be in a race to see how fast you can make your 15k to 40k investment cut grass every time you grind, or should we be concerned that the time spent provides optimum results? Doing only a portion of a job quickly is never the answer to high quality maintenance. In addition to the “ Spin Grind”, several steps are required to do a complete job and maintain the best performance of the cutting units.

Do you want to maintain the “optimum engineered” cutting unit performance?
If the answer is YES, there are three objectives that need to be accomplished each time a reel is placed on a grinder:

  • Grind to a “Sharp” square cutting edge
  • Grind to remove “Taper”
  • Grind the “Relief” as designed from the OEM

In Depth Look

Spin grinding without taking the time to occasionally re-install the relief will increase horsepower required and system stress by a minimum 16%, 100% of the time.

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