How long will it take me to grind?

The amount of time it takes to grind has several variables. How dull is the reel? Is it a thick bladed fairway unit, or a greens/tee mower? Is the reel tapered? How much relief is left on the reel blades?

Below are some general time frames. Based on the above referenced questions, several combined variables could lessen or lengthen these estimates:

  • Fairway Mowers: 8 to 15 minutes spin grind time - 8 to 15 minutes of relief grind time.
  • Greens & Tee Mowers: 6 to 10 minutes spin grind time - 6 to 10 minutes of relief grind time.

Many customers have converted from one-dimensional “spin-only” grinder technology to Neary Technologie’s “auto-index” Spin/Relief grinders. While “spin” grind times are similar, it’s the easy transition to a “hands-free” relief process that is changing grinding habits. When examining the “time” elements described above, the operator is free to perform other tasks while the grinder does the work, and from a “relief” standpoint, this is quite a departure from the once labor intensive process.

Whether it’s “touch-up” spin grinds or utilization of the “auto-index” relief process, Neary Technologie’s newer technology allows you to invest your time as you see fit, and provides flexibility in the field that didn’t exist in the past.

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